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The vision of the school aims at an institution where each child is a responsible citizen who understands and upholds the sense of being a part of the whole and who respects each and every aspect of his life with diligence and dedication; that it be a haven for learning, where learning happens constantly, regardless of time or place; to groom a child of this school to embrace technology and not be awed by it but at the same time respect Nature and have the right mindset to understand the perfect balance between the two.


1. In the next three years, the school will develop effective communication skill of students in English at all stages by focusing on their language skills and giving them more opportunities in the classroom and outside.

2. In the next two years the school will achieve 100 per cent result in class XII in all streams and 25 percent increase in the number of students scoring 10 CGPA in class X. For this focused attention and involvement from teachers and parents will be sought.

3. The school aims to inculcate importance of personal grooming for a positive self image and boost confidence in students and educators. Therefore it will provide Holistic Personality Development training to teachers/students from classes I to XII so that in the next five years visible changes can be seen in their personal grooming habits, body language and communication skills.

4. In the next two years the school will create an e learning environment so that the teacher educators and students can log on to the net and maximize the use of all apps for education.

5. In the next two years at least 25 percent of the children passing out from class XII will be groomed enough for an entry into NDA and TES for a career in the services.

6. In the next five years at least five children per academic   session will be able to gain entry to national level sports competitions.

7. By the next one year our school will be a 100 per cent inclusive school with proper identification and addressing of differently abled children using special educators.

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